From Wine School to Wine Emporium

In August 2002, Michael Bryan decided to begin offering wine education courses to his friends—and their friends. Just as the American wine culture was seeing unprecedented change and growth, he noticed the power of people connecting with each other over wine.

In its first 2 years, Connect With Wine ran wine classes, performed client tasting events, created large wine festivals called “Discover” events, and even took guests to experience Georgia’s burgeoning wine country.

It wasn’t long until newly inspired clientele began asking “where can I learn even more about wine?” This effort led to conceiving and opening the Atlanta Wine School (AWS), which offered its first course, Introduction to Wine, in September 2004.

With passionate instructors, and professional instructional offerings, AWS grew fast, landing in its own building in 2007. AWS’ humble formation helped to provide an informed path for the burgeoning wine curious. Not content to cast wine as solely an interesting libation, AWS’ charter was (and still is today) to represent wine as a symbol of good and fine living. AWS’ hosted group trips to wine country have caught national attention.

By 2009, it was evident to Bryan they owed more to their customers, so he drew up a business plan for a “wine emporium,” which was later to be named Vino Venue.

Vino Venue opened its doors in late October, 2012. We think Bob Townsend, writing for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, described Vino Venue Best: “Vino Venue is a new multiple choice wine bar and retail emporium that offers shopping, tasting, dining, education and entertainment under one roof.”

Today, Vino Venue sees 3,000 attendees annually for wine and cooking classes – either one night or multi-night, and from novice to advanced learners. From corporate entertainment to your father’s 60th birthday party, Vino Venue will conduct approximately 300 private wine functions annually. Vino Venue provides a tasteful wine & dine experiences 6 days/nights per week in our dining room, and offers hand-picked wines for retail purchase daily as well as a wine club. And Vino Venue still takes groups to the wine country!

Vino Venue is the first organization to put all of these businesses under a single roof, all working seamlessly together.

The ability to provide all of these wine-centric services to his guests, was exactly what Bryan envisioned and then built. But what you may remember most about your visit is the people who are here to serve you at Vino Venue—we believe we have the most knowledgeable, helpful, wine-savvy, and friendly staff.

Services Under One Roof:

Wine-inspired cuisine

200 wines by the bottle

50 wines by the glass

32 wine dispensing machines - choose from a taste, to half a glass to a full glass

Artisanal beer selections

Retail wine and beer

Wine and cooking classes

Private event venue

Wine country travel services