Lizette Leanza, Director of Education, Events & Marketing

Lizette Leanza is the Director of Education at Vino Venue/Atlanta Wine School. Born and raised in New Orleans by Argentine/Italian and Cuban/Spanish parents, Lizette’s passion for wine and food is a direct result of her multi-cultural upbringing. Traveling internationally at an early age with her family and later exploring wine regions around the globe, throughout Europe and as far as Australia, further cultivated her interests.

Following a successful career as a certified public accountant and campus recruiter, Lizette assumed the role of full time wife and mother of two young girls. During this time, Lizette continued to refine her skills through volunteer work at a local cooking school and enrollment in the Society of Wine Educator’s Certified Specialist of Wine program. She later launched a food and wine blog, Gourmet Uncorked, which eventually led her to Vino Venue. She first joined our team as Social Media Manager and blogger and later assumed a full time role as Director of the school. Lizette brings her business skills, background and enthusiasm for wine and the culinary arts to the unique program at Atlanta Wine school.

Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Specialist of Spirits, Wine and Spirits Educational Trust Level III (With Distinction), Wine and Spirits Educational Trust Level II (With Distinction)